Goldie Lahr and The Union

Goldie Lahr is a singer/songwriter based out of Oklahoma City.
She plays a variety of instruments that include guitar, piano, and violin. At age 5, Goldie began singing in her church, and has since performed at countless places including The Arlington Music Hall in Texas, The Rodeo Opry in OKC, and many art and music festivals across the country.
Not long after she moved to Oklahoma City in 2014 she met up with some incredible musicians, Cory Perschbacher, Joey Albin, and Chris Volpini forming "Goldie Lahr and the Union." They have been performing and collaborating together on her very first single, "Cherokee," and her first album "Finding Home When in Roam," that debuted May 2017. 


Joey Albin

Joey Albin is a veteran multi-instrumentalist and vocalist hailing from Texas, by way of Nashville and Norman, Oklahoma.  Having grown up playing a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, and trumpet in a variety of settings and genres, Joey earned a degree in music at Belmont University in Nashville.  After eventually making his way to Oklahoma, Joey now teaches music lessons and collaborates with local musicians like Goldie Lahr, with whom he's been playing guitar and bass since last year.  When not playing music, you might find him reading just about anything, playing boardgames, doing volleyball or BJJ, or fixing up vintage shoes.

About playing with Goldie, Joey notes that he "loves the opportunity to play the beautiful and captivating songs that Goldie writes" and further notes that "collaborating with Goldie, whether we are playing her original works or covers, is a rare opportunity to create truly great music with one of the most gifted songwriters and musicians [he has] worked with.


Cory Perschbacher

Cory Perschbacher is a composer, musician, and engineer who has scored a number of features, shorts, and TV series in virtually every genre.
Recently, he won Best Original Score at Murfreesboro 54 Film Fest for his work on the short film "Sparrow" and was nominated for his score to "The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas" at the Red Dirt International Film Fest.
He plays drums, percussion, and keyboard in live bands in Oklahoma such as Goldie Lahr and the Union, The Grown Ups,  and Kingfish.
Outside of composing, Cory enjoys being a husband, father, VHS collector, and has an unhealthy obsession with Ghostbusters.

Chris Volpini

Chris Volpini has been playing bass for almost 20 years. In that time, he has built a resume of playing and recording with numerous acts in nearly every genre. His long and diverse musical background has gotten him on stage everywhere from megachurches to dive bars. Though he always had a love for music. Chris took a hiatus in 2011 when he enlisted into the armed forces. It was during his first deployment that Chris observed some things that drove him back to playing music. Today he juggles his military obligations with his music ambitions. It was in 2014 when he crossed paths with Goldie Lahr while they played in another band. Chris states that he was “blown away” by her original material when she introduced it at a rehearsal. They soon set to work developing more material and a sound to showcase her incredible talent.