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Joey Albin

Joey Albin is a veteran multi-instrumentalist and vocalist hailing from Texas, by way of Nashville and Norman, Oklahoma.  Having grown up playing a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, and trumpet in a variety of settings and genres, Joey earned a degree in music at Belmont University in Nashville.  After eventually making his way to Oklahoma, Joey now teaches music lessons and collaborates with local musicians like Goldie Lahr, with whom he's been playing guitar and bass since last year.  When not playing music, you might find him reading just about anything, playing boardgames, doing volleyball or BJJ, or fixing up vintage shoes.


About playing with Goldie, Joey notes that he "loves the opportunity to play the beautiful and captivating songs that Goldie writes" and further notes that "collaborating with Goldie, whether we are playing her original works or covers, is a rare opportunity to create truly great music with one of the most gifted songwriters and musicians [he has] worked with."